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Carmel Leslie

Carmel Leslie

Dunedin Gymnastic Academy and the Otago Academy of Sport

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About this Speaker

I have coached gymnastics since I was 15 in between training as an elite gymnast. I currently reside in Dunedin and have been involved with the Dunedin Gymnastic Academy for over 16 years as an administrator and a coach. I have coached all programmes from play-gym to our rec programmes (kiwi gym-fun, sport-gym, gym-fit and sport-fit), through to our competitive programmes in mens and womens. Up until this year I have been the head coach for the senior girls and was NZ coach to a team who travelled to Hawaii in January this year.

In February I took up my role as Programme Manager with the Otago Academy of Sport which runs the talent accelerator programme in Otago, Central Otago and North Otago, and the NZ Motorsport Programme. I continue to manage 40+ coaches at DGA and I still cover coach and enjoy mentoring other coaches. I have always used my skills to support the many sports my children have been involved in and enjoy watching my son play rugby/surf and my daughter pole vault. I am a Physical Education graduate from the Otago University and have in recent times done some lecturing at the Otago Polytech in the Post Graduate diploma in Physical Conditioning.

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